Simple truth is, I started the OKC Real Estate Show because

the information and content I was searching for I couldn't

find, so we created it. It's still a work in progress but I think

we have come along way to providing a superior product. 

"I provide powerful representation in Home Buying and Selling by bringing you facts, expertise and fun to ignite your home search and solve the obstacles to getting your next home. Im not just re-arranging real estate here, I'm reaching into peoples lives and igniting the passion to soar higher each day and thats bringing new life to the market. Thats what I'm about and Its changing lives every day. 




For you as a buyer, I bring experience to your search that only comes from hundreds of transactions, helpful tips like whats a big ticket repair and whats a no biggie. Where sellers could bend on a dollar and where they can't. What loan rates are good and what lenders are blowing smoke. I help with determining the true market value of a property and craft the perfect offer to obtain your goals and put you in the winning bid. From affordable starter homes to homes with helicopter landing pads I treat everyone like family and In my family that means love, respect and success! Let's get you a win! 

For you as a seller, I always was a fan of movies with great sounds, adventurous thrills and special effects. It moved me and captured my passions as It took me on an adventure to new places. When I sell a home Its no different. I want the buyer to be swept away in the beautiful colors and spaces, I want them to imagine a meal with a loved one or relaxing in their living room to a blockbuster hit or listening to music on a Sunday afternoon on the patio. Homes are the set in which the drama of our life unfolds and each new layout can bring new opportunities. It's my job as a listing agent to cut through the jungle of attention and get the right buyer to fall in love with your home. I want you as the seller to be informed so I provide you with advanced expertise to handle possible scenarios such as, complicated repair requests from buyers, buyer loan verification, multiple offer scenarios and offer contingencies. You will know what offers to accept and which ones to counter or reject. My goal is that you feel like the president.  It's not easy but its worth it every time. Thats the true difference! learn more about my listing packages by clicking here

- Landon Whitt

More info:

 His teams goal of keeping you empowered are demonstrated by the content he provides for you each week. Content like the award winning Oklahoma City Real Estate Show a successful podcast for weekly Oklahoma Housing Market News and Special Guests. Oklahoma Cities Home & Garden Magazine has quoted him as being " Unique valuable resource for OKC". From big to small make the call to have this team working with you. 


The true difference :

 As a "Best of Zillow" Premier Agent with the Zillow group Landon Whitt gives national coverage to your listings and local expertise. Not only does he give you inside access to thousands of properties but he provides state licensed fiduciary representation to insure the best chance of your home building you wealth.  His in depth property reports, advanced market assessment, network of home inspectors and price comparison tools gives you the full picture of what you are buying. Price is not always most important, sometimes a-little splurge can make all the difference, life can be stressful and having a place that helps to melt away this stress is invaluable. Thats why having a realtor on your side to share thoughts with can really help and not to mention help convince the spouse ;)

Achievements and Skill set:

Millionaire Agent NYC Ryan Serhant Rockstar scholar -  OKC First time home buyer specialist, Historic home sales, Luxury property and Investment Real Estate, Aerial land and property surveillance, Premier Listing Agent with large sphere of influence. Global reach with unmatched social media and web access.  International business specialist. We work closely with the Oklahoma City police department to insure the most up to date crime and neighborhood fact reports available - Afghanistan Campaign Medal recipient , Achieved Bachelors degree of science, Advanced Intercultural integration management training, Conflict resolution training, , 

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